Preview Your Way Of Success: Quick Guide To Use Google’s Ad Preview Tool

As an advertiser, it’s crucial to ensure that your ads are reaching your target audience effectively. With billions of searches happening on Google every day, it can be challenging to know how your ads will appear and perform in different situations. Fortunately, Google offers a free tool called the Ads Preview and Diagnosis tool that […]

Facebook Algorithm Changes: Is It The End For Facebook Advertising?

The Facebook algorithm determines what you see on your newsfeed on your Facebook wall. It also decides which posts should be displayed and in what order. The primary purpose of the Facebook algorithm is to keep people interested in the Facebook app. However, the algorithm has undergone several changes throughout the years. Regardless, Facebook has […]


Embracing The New Normal In The Restaurant Business

COVID-19 has been a difficult moment for the restaurant sector, with many restaurants closing permanently after the mandatory closure. Those who have made it this far are enthusiastic about the inclusion of dine-in and outdoor eating options. But these come with unique restrictions: social distance rules, capacity limits, and more complicated cleaning procedures. But can […]


Mobile Ads: Tiny Windows of Opportunity in 2022

Everybody uses mobile phones nowadays, so it only makes sense for marketers to lean towards mobile ads to spread awareness about their brands. But it goes way deeper than that. Let us learn how! More Screen Time: More Ad Time! Ever since digital marketing became a norm for industries and brands to spread awareness, mobile […]

facebook POST SIZE

Cross-check The Right Facebook Post Size And Dimensions Before Posting

Facebook needs no introduction. It is the most popular social media platform that we have been using for years. With 2.6 billion monthly active users, Facebook has acquired the highest position on social media for marketers. So, they blindly trust to run their marketing business on Facebook. But how do marketers manage to gain the […]